1.) Alert Provident State Bank that you’re going away with a travel notice. This helps PSB rest assured that your cards have not been stolen when we see that they’re being used in an unusual location.

2.) Pay your bills before heading out. Who wants to worry about bills when they’re sipping margaritas on the beach?

3.) Bring at least two cards, in case one gets stolen or lost. However, don’t bring too many cards. The risk of losing them is not worth having them with you.

4.) Make a list of the cards you do choose to bring and the numbers you should call in the event that one is lost or stolen. Also, check the expiration date of the cards to ensure they won’t expire mid-vacation.

5.) Whether you’re traveling in the U.S. or heading to another country, it is important to have cash with you when you arrive. We suggest you order foreign currency in advance. Since PSB is a local bank, we do not offer ATM or bank locations cross-country or internationally.

6.) Make photocopies of valuable documents such as your passport, credit cards, etc. Have a copy for yourself but also give a copy to someone staying at home, a friend or a relative.

7.) Keep receipts from all of your purchases to ensure that you are charged properly.

8.) Know the PINs of all of your cards, even your credit cards. When traveling internationally, you never know what will be required of you to know.

9.) Hold your mail or ask a trusted friend or family member to collect it. This is just another step to avoid falling victim to fraud while traveling.

10.) Download the PSB On The Go Mobile Banking App to keep tabs on your purchases, check your account balances, etc. Mobile banking makes traveling much easier and more relaxing! Don’t stress over banking when you have your toes in the sand. Let Provident State Bank do the work for you.