Here at Provident State Bank, we are excited to announce that you can now make purchases or withdrawals with PSB Business Check Cards. The funds are directly withdrawn from your business checking account, making it easier than ever to access. It is a service that your local bank is proud to offer our business community and one that comes with a lot of great features and benefits. They include:


  • The cards can be used wherever Visa® is accepted.

  • The purchase limits are $2,500 per day and per card.

  • ATM access limited to three withdrawals a day, with a total aggregate of $500.

  • All activity is reported on your monthly business checking account statement.


  • The PSB Business Check Card eliminates the need to carry cash around.

  • You can use with flexibility, like an ATM card or Visa® credit card.

  • It will reduce the need to write checks to multiple vendors.

  • You can track your spending and expenses on a monthly statement.

  • There are no finance charges.

Our experienced team at Provident State Bank will be glad to go over the various details about the PSB Business Check Cards and give you any information that you need. We promise that you will have all the facts about this service before you make a decision. Come by your local branch today and find out how a business check card can make your work life so much easier.