Positive Pay, a check fraud prevention service, provides one of the most effective methods available to protect your company against financial loss through fraud.

With identity theft and check fraud on the rise, it’s more important than ever to detect and deter fraudulent activity. Provident State Bank’s Positive Pay service, along with your internal security controls, helps to do just that by comparing your issued checks against our paid check information.  It can be implemented two ways — Positive Pay or Reverse Positive Pay.

Positive Pay

Submit your electronic issue-file through Business Online Banking. The system automatically matches incoming items against the company issued check file. An email notification is sent to you if non-matching items are detected.  You then notify the bank of your Pay/Return decision through Business Online Banking from PSB, your local bank.

Reverse Positive Pay

With this option, your company does not submit an issue file. Provident State Bank, your local bank, displays all paid check items as exceptions via PSB Business Online Banking.  Your company is sent an email notification of the exceptions and you notify us of your Pay/Return decision through Business Online Banking from PSB, your local bank.


  • Systematically matches paid items against company-issued check file

  • Detects fraudulent items including duplicate serial numbers, voided and stale dated checks presented for payment and checks with altered amounts

  • Check images are available for viewing


  • Improves fraud protection by automatically detecting check discrepancies, alleviating risk of lost revenue

  • Provides enhanced control over whether authorized checks should be paid

  • Offers quick management of exceptions by providing images of questionable checks