Here at Provident State Bank, your local bank, we are proud to help businesses in our community simplify their payroll and other payables with our Direct Deposit/ACH Origination services. Direct deposit provides an electronic solution that allows the processing of payroll, reimbursements and other types of periodic payments to be automatically deposited into the personal bank account of each of your employees. After your employees have submitted their signed authorizations, a test file of the account information is submitted before the first “live” file is sent. To do so, you can use either your company’s existing National Automated Clearing House Association formatting software or PSB Bank’s Business Online Banking to electronically transmit the file to the bank two days prior to the effective date.


  • Participants may bank at any financial institution they choose. Checking and/or savings accounts are eligible  

  • You have multiple file input options

  • Direct Deposit service fees are included in the analysis of your account and offset by earnings credits based on average monthly collected balances

  • There is increased security, including dual approval with email notifications

  • Your process will be streamlined with easy file upload capability


  • There will be plenty of convenience for you and your staff. Employees will have no need to rush to the bank to cash or deposit their paychecks during a workday

  • There are lower costs related to account reconciliation and lost or stolen checks

  • Direct depositing saves time in managing accounts

  • Funds are available to participants right away on the effective date

Our experienced team at PSB Bank, your local bank, is standing by to talk more about how our Direct Deposit/ACH Origination services can definitely help your business expand and run much more smoothly. Stop by and see us today.