Our team at Provident State Bank, your local bank, wants all of our local businesses that receive ACH credits from the government or large corporations to know how useful the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reporting service can truly be. This technology uses the ACH network to send payment amounts and related addenda information to your company in a printed report. When a single credit applies to multiple invoices, your company has to know the exact dollar amount and invoice information for each entry to create an accurate accounts receivable post. Our team at PSB Bank, your local bank, encourages your company to enroll in the EDI service because it will save you time, frustration and assist you in eliminating troublesome errors. Check out the features and benefits of PSB Bank’s EDI service below:


  • The EDI service will provide a detailed description of all ACH credit transactions

  • You will receive EDI service information via the PSB Bank’s Business Online Banking System


  • Thanks to the faster posting of accurate information, there will be an improvement in your company’s customer service and inventory management

  • You will see an improvement in your cash forecasting

  • There will be a reduction in your operating and administrative costs

For more information about Provident State Bank’s Electronic Data Interchange reporting service, contact us here.