Are you an active student that would like to get a system down to have a healthy bank account? Have no fear, Provident State Bank (PSB) is here to help you with our available Student Checking Account. To have access, the student checking account age goes up to 24. Once you sign up for a Provident State Bank Student Checking account, you will need a minimum opening deposit of $25 and no minimum daily balance. We treat everyone like family, especially students who are navigating their finances. So, we took the extra step for you to research how to maintain a banking account with tips to follow:

Skip Credit 

Yes, building up your credit score at an early age seems promising, however, we recommend that you take baby steps into the financial world to learn how to balance your checking account and spending habits. We recommend only worrying about your ATM/Mastercard® Check Card and a free introduction pack of checks to get ahead of the direction you need to go saving money.


Don’t Let Food Eat Up Your Budget  

Yes, eating out for lunch and dinner is tempting because you need extra time to study for an exam, but keep in mind that it can take out a large chunk of your check. If you want to spend more time focused on your education, we suggest that you buy a bulk of meals at the grocery store and meal prep once a week. The definition of a student checking account at PSB is to utilize your account while on a budget. 


Calculate Your Monthly Expenses 

It is crucial to start categorizing your monthly expenses to keep track of where your money goes. Our bank believes that having a spreadsheet or taking notes of your monthly bills and miscellaneous items on your phone will make you think critically if you should be spending money on luxuries. 


Track Your Spending  

Once you have your bills in order, you can find out what you need to cut corners to save a little extra money. Keep in mind you can always check your account with PSB for free with online banking!  We also offer free mobile banking/deposit, online bill pay, and e-statements features. 


As you can see, we are the ultimate student checking account bank that you need to begin your financial journey. You can visit our website at or call 1-877-673-BANK (2265) for more information.