The term Installment Loan is pretty general and it’s often used when describing any fixed -rate, fixed- term loan product. Here at PSB, our clients obtain installment loans for a variety of reasons, such as personal needs, medical bills, vacations or just about anything that you need right now but don’t have the ability to pay for with cash.  

Benefits of Using Installment Loans

- We offer same day loan approval – and in some instances, same day loan funding! No need to wait for the cash you need.

- Simple application process, no proof of income needed for loans under $5,000.00

- Terms to choose from that will help your payment work for your individual budget.

- We offer automatic payments from your PSB checking or savings accounts for your convenience and we reward you with a rate discount! Have you heard about our excellent deposit options?


Rates and Fees

- No fees! We help you get your money affordably and quickly without added processing or bank fees. There are no prepayment penalties on our installment loans – giving you complete control over paying off your debt.

- Rates vary depending on the amount borrowed from PSB and the term of the loan.