Provident State Bank, your local bank, is proud to serve companies that want to manage interest expense and improve profitability. These companies can achieve this through our automated cash collateral/loan sweep service.


  • Deposits are made into an Operating Account.

  • As deposited checks clear, collected funds are applied to the outstanding balance of the line of credit, reducing interest cost.

  • When checks are paid from the Operating Account, a line advance request will be made the same day to cover the total dollar amount required.  Loan advances are made in $1,000.00 increments from your line of credit.

  • The checking accounts and the loan account can be made available online using PSB Business Online Banking from Provident State Bank, your local bank.

  • Checking accounts are established as analysis accounts and activity will be combined for service charge purposes, reducing service charge expense.

NOTE: This process can help eliminate potential overdrafts, further reducing service charges.