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Easy Cost Control

As a growing business, there are many ways to optimize your costs to improve your profit. You may have even considered not accepting credit cards, but you may want to reassess because over 70% of Americans prefer to use a card. Your customers can be anywhere and will expect you to accept their payments easily and securely, and this certainly does not need to affect your business profit. Provident State Bank offers a C4: Credit Card Cost Control available through Elavon — an industry leader for more than 25 years in payment acceptance. The opportunity is in the name, expanding your options for lowering costs. Learn more about our C4 credit card control information, and how it may just be the answer for your business.

Zero-Cost Acceptance Program

No matter the credit card, you can take charge and have peace of mind with zero cost credit card acceptance. How does this work? By charging the cardholder, instead of your business, a surcharge is seen on every transaction at the time of sale. Your C4 credit card control account empowers you to reliably accept credit card payments without worrying about it costing your business. Plus, with C4 credit card control spending, any returns will be refunded, as well. Contact us to have your specific credit card control information questions answered.


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Credit Card Control Information

  • In-person, mobile, and online payment solutions 
  • Chip Card/EMV terminals, smart terminals, and tablet 
  • Point of Sale systems Solutions for e-commerce and online shopping carts 
  • Debit cards are always 1% + $.025 per transaction 
  • Loyalty programs to market, grow and retain your customers business 
  • Accepts mobile wallet payments, including Apple Pay™ and Google Pay™

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How To Get Started

All you need to begin the C4 credit card control process is one of our newest smart terminals from Ingenico. The payments landscape is evolving, and our solutions work in any customer environment including restaurants, retail stores, healthcare facilities, hospitality, and other professional merchant services. Here at Provident State Bank, we offer exemplary customer service and care for our customers. You can gain insights into current sales trends and more as you monitor your account through our online reporting tool. Our PSB Business Banking Team here when you need assistance regarding C4 credit card control information or any other business banking matter. Discover more credit card control information and find a C4 solution for your business at your local bank PSB branch today!

credit card control information