Pre-authorized debits, now available at your local bank Provident State Bank, enable your company to electronically debit your customer’s personal or commercial checking or savings accounts at the bank of their choice through the use of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

Your company will obtain signed authorizations to automatically debit your customer’s account. An electronic file, created from the information gathered, is transmitted to Provident State Bank, your local bank, one day prior to the effective date of the debit, utilizing your company’s in-house software or PSB Business Online Banking. Settlement of the transaction will occur on the effective date.  


  • Debits are accepted at virtually any financial institution in the United States due to the national scope of the ACH

  • Facilitates the collection of non-local payments

  • Multiple file input options

  • Flexibility of designation settlement dates with customers

  • Pre-authorized Debit service fees are included in the analysis of your account and offset by earnings credits based on average monthly collected balances

  • Increased security including dual approval with email notifications

  • Streamline your process with easy file upload capability


  • Eliminates the manual processing of paper receivables

  • Improves cash forecasting by pre-determining customer payment dates

  • Immediate access to funds on payment date