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Google Pay

Go With Google!

This day and age yields us many different ways to pay for goods and services. Whether you are paying merchants by cash, card, check, or directly through your bank account, your security is our top priority at Provident State Bank. Our dedicated staff is eager to tell you about Google Pay; what we believe may be the future of transactions. Should you be open to this new contactless way of paying, your exchange is as easy as holding your smartphone up when you see a wireless symbol at checkout, send or request money in a snap, and enjoy expeditious in-app and online exchanges. Everything you need to know about your Google Pay account is available at your fingertips, and you can always contact us at PSB for your peace of mind. Google Pay provides multiple layers of security, is easy to use, and requires just a few steps to set up. 

Security You Can Rely On

We ensure your payment information is safe with industry-leading protection that detects and blocks threats like viruses, spam, and malware from ever reaching you. One intriguing highlight of this feature is that when you use your phone to pay in stores, instead of your actual credit or debit card number Google Pay sends an encrypted virtual account number used to represent your information. Your local bank takes measures even further by offering tips to strengthen your account security. Speak with a PSB representative to learn more.

Google Pay


Make Payments Your Way

Google Pay enables you to commute with more convenience to many transit destinations,  courtesy of a simple tap to pay. This app comes standard with your Android phone and is available in the App Store of other devices such as the iPhone. If your client has an email address or a phone number, you can pay or get paid in an instant with Google Pay, at no extra charge. You can also rack up rewards, earn cash back, and receive the privacy and protection that we are committed to providing at PSB by having your phone on hand. 

Let us help you set up your account. We are happy to provide the Google Pay customer service you need so that you can start benefiting from contactless pay. Reach out Provident State Bank to learn more about Google Pay today!

Google Pay