Zero Balance Accounts enable your company to link multiple accounts to a master account, eliminating the need to initiate transfers between accounts and providing centralized use of available funds. Let Provident State Bank, your local bank, get your business to the next level with a Zero Balance Account.

This service links secondary accounts, such as a payroll account, to a main operating account. Funds are automatically transferred to the secondary account as needed to cover presented checks. Funds that are deposited into a secondary account are also automatically transferred into the main account. Bank statements from PSB, your local bank, reflect the debit and credit activity between the linked accounts.


  • Automatic funding of subsidiary accounts

  • Debit and credit activity reflected on monthly bank statements

  • Unlimited subsidiary account linkage


  • Maximize the use of funds

  • Increases control

  • Eliminates the need to initiate transfers

  • Ability to manage multiple accounts collectively