Student Checking Accounts

We Help Students Save!

Your children are growing up, branching out, and taking on more responsibilities each day. With success in their future, you can help get them started on the right foot by setting up their very own bank account. But, where to start? The expert staff at Provident State Bank is here to guide you through multiple options for student checking accounts and saving accounts. We understand this marks the start of a journey, and our student checking account offers financial security, so your children have a safe place to keep their money. Our PSB banking experts encourage you to consider our fantastic student checking account with no monthly fees.

Checking Account

There are many benefits to opening a student checking account. A direct deposit is one major advantage. Most employers offer this service, automatically transferring paychecks into your student checking account with no fees. Your children can use our online banking services to pay bills or set money aside for their savings account. Having a student checking accounts gives teens a chance to allocate funds to different needs and wants and learn about general spending habits. 

Another bonus a student checking account brings is owning a debit card. Your child will not have to have the responsibility of carrying around large amounts of cash. Parents can even monitor this, so your teenager learns about responsible spending. Be sure to ask a PSB bank associate for more information about what a student checking account offers for your child!

Savings Account

Money begins flowing for a teenager once they begin their first job. Minimal expenses mean saving this income for a car, a home, or maybe paying for college can go a long way. We recommend taking a percentage of the money deposited into your checking account and placing it into a student savings account. Over time, this money collects interest. Though it may not seem like much at the time, it is pretty easy to save as a teenager with less major medical expenses that would cause them to withdraw a significant amount of money for a purchase. 

Contact a professional at Provident State Bank, and we can help you get started in creating a student checking account for your growing teenager!