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what is Amazon Pay

What Is Amazon Pay?

Today’s technology revolves around convenience for the user and instant access. A prime example of this are contactless paying methods, which are becoming more commonly used every day. One such service is the remarkable Amazon Pay program and the knowledgeable staff at Provident State Bank has facts on it to impart. What Amazon Pay is a digital payment service that enables users to make purchases on any third-party website via payment and shipping details stored within a customer’s Amazon account.* With this incredible service, you no longer have to create new accounts or tediously enter credit card or billing information on a site. Plus, Amazon Pay is offered for both desktop and mobile devices so the benefits travel wherever you go. Read on what the PSB team has compiled on this wonderful service and experience what it can do by downloading it!

what is Amazon Pay

How Does Amazon Pay Work?

It is an easy and stress-free process to utilize Amazon Pay:

1. First, ensure you have an Amazon.com account and your payment information is up-to-date.

2. When on a third-party website and you are ready to check out, look for a “Buy With Amazon Pay” option on the page.

3. You will be guided to sign in to your Amazon account if you are not already logged in.

4. After confirming your payment and address details are correct, simply proceed with your purchase.

Yes, it is that easy to use! Another bonus is that you can use vocal commands on your Amazon Alexa device to enable Amazon Pay usage right from the comfort of your couch. Be sure to ask PSB any questions about what Amazon Pay is and what components it has to simplify shopping.

what is Amazon Pay

Is Amazon Pay Safe?

This service is entirely backed by Amazon Pay’s A-to-Z Guarantee of fully secure transactions between businesses and customers. This guarantee benefits businesses with extra protection and the means to give more context during any chargeback issues, while users can be assured their payment and address information is totally guarded against being distributed to unauthorized parties. Here at Provident State Bank, we will be sure to further elaborate on what Amazon Pay is and how you can download it. Reach out to us and discover the fantastic convenience of Amazon today!

*See Provident State Bank for complete details.