Using Fitbit Pay

Opportunities await with new, expeditious, and safe ways to pay on-the-go! By simply wearing your Fitbit®, use can access Fitbit Pay™ and shop with confidence. Essentially, your watch becomes your wallet. The friendly staff at Provident State Bank is excited to offer this feature and encourages this contactless way of paying to elevate your levels of safety and convenience. Hands-free Fitbit Pay™ makes shopping at your favorite destinations seamless, from catching a train to stocking up on groceries and updating your hobbies collection. This smart, stress-free, and efficient way to pay offers enhanced security tokenization, ensuring your debit card information is never disclosed or shared with merchants. We are happy to assist you with the easy Fitbit Pay™ setup, with a limit of up to six credit and debit cards that you can add to your smartwatch. Various Fitbit® models offer this exclusive option, so be sure to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Fitbit Pay™. Let us help you get started on paying intuitively at PSB, so you can review how Fitbit Pay™ can help you prioritize your payments, just a tap away!

Now you can make purchases right from your wrist, without the constraint of pulling out your phone or wallet. You can use Fitbit Pay™ at any retail store or transit station where you see the contactless pay symbol, and earn the same rewards, points, or miles. This enhanced method of payment requires an easy setup from your smartphone. Go to your watch settings, Tap Fitbit® Wallet, and then follow the prompts to add your debit card. This information will be sent to us at PSB. You will then be asked to accept banking verification, and to set a PIN code. Once complete, Fitbit Pay™ will sync your activated card to your Fitbit® watch or tracker via Bluetooth.

PSB joins countless of participating Fitbit Pay™ banks worldwide to keep transactions in tune with your active lifestyle. A few reasons we love Fitbit Pay™ is because it is perfect for fitness workouts, effortless to use, completely private, and our PSB fraud protection system keeps you covered. Come see us to benefit from contactless pay today!

*See your local PSB branch for more information about the Fitbit™ Pay Privacy Policy, Security Overview, and Terms of Service.