Earning an income from the comfort of your home may seem intriguing, but always take caution. The caring team at your local bank suggests to always think twice when you see an ad about how to earn big money from home. Perhaps your resume is listed on a job search website and someone from a ‘proven’ system gives you a call, or you receive an offer to help launch your online business. Here at Provident State Bank, we want you to beware that there is something known as “work-at-home scams.” Despite the notion, these occurrences are likely just a mirage. You may be wondering, how to tell if it is a legitimate opportunity or a scam? Work-from-home scammers may pressure you to provide your driver’s license and bank account numbers before even interviewing. Scammers may ask for your money right away, maybe for training, exclusive access, or extra services, but there will be no job or information the helps you start a business or make money. The staff at PSB suggest you take caution with releasing your personal information, because this new wave of scammers may even be out to steal your identity. In this installment of our Protecting Against Fraud Series, we examine how to protect yourself from work-at-home scams.

Your local back has assembled some helpful tips to avoid being scammed by these crooks:

- Ignore unwanted calls, delete suspicious emails, and throw away wary letters.

- Never pay to earn money. Keep your money to yourself. You have worked hard for your money, so do not let someone scam your money away from you.

- Protect your personal information. If you give your financial information to someone, like a credit card number, they can steal your identity and run up massive bills that could take years to resolve if ever.

- Call the company and research their integrity before providing any personal information. Search online for the company name and the words “scam,” “review” or “complaint.”

- Tell a friend. Communicate with family, friends, our staff at PSB, and local authorities know about scam alerts to increase the chance of catching the party responsible.

Our team at PSB is here to help you learn more safeguards against fraudulent behavior. Come visit your local branch today and learn more about all possible scam scenarios!